Yountville Focus Scholarships

Scholarship Applications are due March 31st each year.

Yountville FOCUS wants to encourage locals who are pursuing post-high school education. Our scholarships provide a gesture of support as students advance their lives through education.

There is a special award given as a result of the Restaurants of Yountville raffle. This award is designated for a high school senior of the highest caliber.

There is also a special award in memory of Skip Walters, a past President of FOCUS. Skip was himself a FOCUS scholarship awardee who went back to school late in life with the goal to complete his bachelor’s degree. Despite the adversity of a major illness, he persevered and achieved his degree prior to his death. His commitment to the value of education was an inspiration to many and the FOCUS Board wanted to remember him through this special designation each year.

Rarely is an applicant left out of an award. Any Yountville youth or adult who is attending college or a training school should make an application. FOCUS works all year to raise funds for these applicants. In 2016, $18,500 was awarded in scholarships from smaller amounts through $3,000 for the recipient of the Restaurants of Yountville award.


Recipients have been a combination of High School graduates from schools like Vintage, Napa High, Justin-Siena, St. Helena or New Technology High and others who were already enrolled in college or a training school when they sent their application for consideration.


The Annual Process:

  • The applications are distributed and available mid-February
  • Application due date is March 31st
  • Recipients are notified by May 31st
  • Proof of full-time course load for awardees is due by December 1st


Scholarship FAQs

What are the criteria for scholarships?
Are scholarships only for students who are graduating from high school?
Is preference given to children of FOCUS members/supporters?
Are scholarships for university education only?
How are scholarship recipients selected?
How many scholarships do you fund and in what amounts?
Where does FOCUS get the money to fund scholarships?
Who comprises the Scholarship Committee?
How are students informed about scholarships?
I have heard about the Skip Walters Memorial Scholarship – what is this?